Heyyy everyone !! Here is a great workout routine i did yesterday for my legs and emphasized on my Glutes and Hamstrings

I wouldn’t suggest this routine to anyone who hasn’t been weight lifting for a couple of months . If you just started i suggest a full body workout 3 days a week with a day of rest in between . You don’t want to over stress your muscles then it becomes counter productive . Let your body adapt first . If you have been on your second month then choose like 3 to 4 exercises out of this routine .

Every week i train a bit differently so i don’t always do this many exercises .

I pre exhausted my quads in my first workout with 4 Sets of Leg extensions 15 Repetitions

Next exercises was the Reverse Squat Machine with a wide stance and stood towards the edge with my toes outwards so i can use more of my inner thighs and glutes . 4 sets of 15 and last set i did 12  Repetitions

3rd Exercise was the Good morning . I did 3 sets of 15

Then the Hack squat with a wide stance with my feet a bit higher so that i can use more of the inner thighs and glutes again . 3 Sets of 15 Repetitions

Then the Kick back machine always kicking with you the heel of your foot and did 3 sets of 15 reptitions

Next was the Standing Glute Press Machine again 3 Sets of 15 Repetitions pushing again with the heel of your foot

Last excercises was the Laying down Hamstring Curl which i did 4 Sets of 15 Repitions and last Set was 12

There you go ! Hope you can walk the next day after this routine lol cus i cant !

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Hope you liked it !