I only suggest people who have been working out for at least a month and half to start this type of routines where your isolating each muscle group and having a full routine on one particular muscle.

If it is your first month in weightlifting as a beginner or if you just haven’t trained in a while and you just got back I suggest you do a full body workout 3 days a week . Doing 2 exercises for each muscle and not trying to lift too heavy . Its about adapting you muscles and getting the forms right its not about how heavy you can go .

I really hope you enjoyed this video I tried to keep it short and simple so you don’t have to watch too much . I’m very new to this so please I would really love you feedback and tell me what I can do to make the videos just perfect for you all !!

Any specific questions or routines you would like to see leave a comment ill be reading all of them !

Now go smash that workout champ !

#1 Exercise

Military Press

4 Sets 15 repetitions

#2 Exercise

Front Plate Raise

3 Sets of 15

Super set (Alternating)

Car driver

10 Repetitions 1-1 each turn

#3 Exercise

Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise

3 Sets 15 Repetitions

#4 Exercise

 Reverse Machine Flys

3 Sets 15 Repetitions

#5 Exercise

Bent over dumbbell rear delt raise

3 Sets 15 Reptitions


Bent over rear delt row